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Leo Baeck Jüdisches Denken - Perspektiven für heute. Von Walter Homolka

Welcome to the website of the
Jewish Liberal Community of Cologne
- Gescher LaMassoret e.V.!

Our 1996 founded congregation is a member of the Union of Progressive congregations in Germany and the World Union for Progressive Judaism - World largest association of religious Jews. We continue on a liberal tradition in Cologne, which played the leading role and determined considerably the Jewish life of our city before the Holocaust. Expression of this liberality was the synagogue in the Roonstraße, that till the 1938 violating and devastation in the "Reichspogromnacht“, represented the centre of the liberal, Jewish life in Cologne (today the orthodox Jewish community of Cologne is located there).

Our active and constantly growing community tries to take up this responsibility from the past and use it in strengthening the liberal Judaism in Cologne and beyond. With respect to tradition and to the scholars of today, we want to live Judaism that constantly evolving and address the challenges of the world of today.

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