Liberal Jewish Congregation Cologne
Gescher LaMassoret e.V.

As a member of the Union of Progressive Jews in Germany, Gescher LaMassoret adheres to the following principles of Liberal Judaism.

• Judaism has changed and evolved throughout all of time. Progressive Judaism views the scriptures as a human expression arising from the existential, religious experience of the Jewish people, through which the one God is revealed.
We see it as crucial for every generation to approach and study the Hebrew Bible, to interpret the teachings and laws in light of tolerance, humanity and ethics.

• We acknowledge the Jewish religion, our cultural traditions and the historical experiences of the Jewish people, as an inherent component of our own identity.

• We understand that deciding upon the degree of ritual observance is an expression of individuality and we accept the varying beliefs and practices of all our members.
Nevertheless we do find it critical to be familiar with the traditions and laws in order to make an informed choice.

• We see it as our purpose to be a “Bridge to Tradition”. We would like to create an environment in which every Jew has the opportunity to find a Jewish home.

• We concur with the great majority of members of the Progressive movement in Europe in recognizing the tradition of according formal Jewish status to those people whose mothers have formal Jewish status or those who have undergone a conversion carried out by a Bet Din.

• Every Jewish person can be a member in our community.

• Women and men are equal members of our religious congregation with the same rights and duties - both sexes may participate in our religious services without any limitations.

Taken out of the “35 Principles of Liberal Judaism” ("35 Grundsätzen des Liberalen Judentums")