Liberal Jewish Congregation Cologne
Gescher LaMassoret e.V.

Gescher LaMassoret e.V. was founded as the liberal Jewish community in Cologne in 1996.
As an intimate yet diverse congregation, we embrace traditional and non-traditional families,
mixed marriages and Jews by choice.

Conforming with the traditions on which Liberal Judaism was founded - and corresponding to our membership in the Union of Progressive Judaism in Germany and the World Union of Progressive Judaism - our community is open to members of varying views as well as all levels of religious observance and active participation; join us in a manner which is most comfortable for you.

We pride ourselves in our weekly Shabbat services, well-frequented by a strong contingent of our members, in addition to our holiday services and festivals.

Furthermore we are also quite active in local and national interreligious and interdenominational dialogues in our attempt to build bridges, true to our name, and improve communication and understanding across beliefs.

As we grow, we are continuously looking to create and implement new social, cultural and
educational programmes within our community.